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Trip Hazard Removal

Are tree roots lifting your sidewalks?   Eliminate trip hazard liability - Save money too!





- Typically less than half the cost of replacement

- Meets ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) standards

- Year Round Service

- Job site stays clean with use of industrial vacuum system

- Landscaping stays intact

- Immediate return to service

How it's Done:

Some of our Clients:

  • Towne Properties
  • Management Plus Realty Service
  • NuVision Property Management
  • Village of Terrace Park, OH
  • Village of Mariemont, OH
  • City of Milford, OH


"The City approves the method of sidewalk repair that Mr. Stace Howard performs to reduce the tripping hazards of offset sidewalks. His work has met or exceeded City standards and is effective in leveling the walking surface in specific conditions. Also, this type of repair is less costly to the property owner who is responsible for maintenance of the sidewalk abutting his/her property."


  - City of Milford.   Click here to see full recommendation.

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