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Are you paying out thousands and thousands of dollars to replace trip hazards with new concrete? Stop! CRS Consulting can help you save significant dollars on your sidewalk program.

Most trip hazards do not need to be replaced. They can be repaired instead, at great cost savings to you. CRS can equip and train your employees to repair your own trip hazards. No need to replace that concrete or hire a company to repair them when you can do them yourselves.

After start up expenses you can repair trip hazards yourself for a fraction of the cost. Then, use the money you save to take care of other important projects.

If you have a trip hazard as a result of a tree root you would normally replace that section of concrete, but not tear out the root. If you tear out the root, you kill the tree. By repairing it instead of replacing it you extend the life of the concrete until the tree root lifts it again. This could take 3 to 5 years or more. At that time, replace the concrete. And look at the money you will save that you can use for other important projects.

Contact CRS and let us help you get started repairing your own trip hazards and SAVING MONEY!

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